Proposed Design & Implementation


Economies of scale generated through location, ease of development, and industry need highlight the proposed storage hub.

AEIS is constructing a world-class hub with storage capabilities of over 100+ million MMbls. The AEIS hub will center upon hollowed-out caverns engineered to store Hydrogen, and NGL’s which are a high-cost derivative from traditional natural gas that generally take the form of ethane, butane, propane, and liquefied petroleum gas. The Appalachian region and a greater area around it have generally been dependent on storage outside the region to satisfy peak season energy demand. The AEIS Storage Hub will be able to provide access to feed on demand, as well as having the added value of being located within 700 miles of 70% of domestic users, thereby promoting energy independence for the region and throughout the United States of America.

Economies of scale generated through location, ease of development, and industry need highlight the proposed storage hub. The AEIS site location provides perfect access to all prerequisite criteria applied when determining the viability of a project this size. Criteria that includes industry & market demand, pipelines, highways, waterways and perhaps most importantly, specific geology. There appears to be strong governmental support tied to an Appalachian NGL storage hub as proposed by AEIS.

Strategic Acreage Ready for Development


Contiguous Acreage
0 + MMbls
Storage Capacity

AEIS owns the rights to 23,000 strategically located Appalachian basin acres. These large contiguous acreage blocks are ready for development. Cavern construction will be done through mined hard rock, an effective and less environmentally intrusive storage option. Strategic industry connections with the world’s preeminent cavern developers, civil engineers, as well as the support of storage hub leaders have been developed. With title, legal & engineering established – our R&D is being converted to commercialization.

The AEIS position is enhanced as the acreage intended to be developed has been Strip Mined and included in a Qualified Opportunity Zone. A secondary option available for storage includes partially-depleted “shallow” geologic formations. AEIS’s stacked storage options support a diverse range of product classifications.

Constructing a World Class Storage Hub

  •  Storage Capacity Potential – 100+ MMbbl – Built on Demand
  • Cavern Development Supporting a Product Mix of Butane, Propane, Ethane & Related NGL’s, as well as Hydrogen, Ammonia and Compressed Air Storage.
  • Natural Gas Storage & Carbon Sequestration

Project Achievements

  • Operational
  • Strategic Real Estate Acquisition. Title & Legal Completed.
  • Existing Infrastructure – Pipelines, Highway, Rail, Water Bodies
  • Stacked Storage Options

Business Opportunity

  • Developer – Wishgard, LLC
  • Actively Seeking Off-Take Contracts, and Strategic Partnerships.
  • Vertical Integration Opportunities
  • Large Scale Economic Development
  • Site Development within an Ohio Qualified Opportunity Zone.

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