AEIS Open Season

2023 Open Season Announcement

AEIS Announces 2024 Non-Binding Open Season Partnership Opportunity

Project Highlights

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  • Strategic Partnerships ♦ Off-Take Contracts
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Vertical Integration
  • Real Estate Holdings
  • 23,000 Acre Mineral ♦ HBP Ownership
  • Stacked Storage Capabilities
  • 100+ MMbls ♦ Built on Demand
  • Ethane Hydrogen Storage
  • Butane, Propane ♦ Related NGLs
  • Natural Gas Storage ♦ Carbon Capture
  • Pipelines ♦ Highway ♦ Rail ♦ Water
  • Commitment to ESG Excellence
  • Economic Development
  • Ohio Qualified Opportunity Zone
  • Developer ♦ Wishgard, LLC

We are now looking to establish strategic corporate partners.

For more information, please fill out the form below.

About A.E.I.S. M.L.P.

WW&T Energy & Wishgard LLC along with their partners and associates are establishing the American Energy Independent Systems Master Limited Partnership (A.E.I.S. – MLP), or similar entity, for the purpose of developing an Appalachian Gas Storage Hub & Trading Post in southeast Ohio.


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